Pricing - PAX Training
  • 1 Chauffeur
  • Weekly Refresher Training
  • 8x10 Certificate of Achievement
  • 24/7 Access On Any Internet Ready Device
  • Unlimited Chauffeurs
  • Weekly Refresher Training
  • 8x10 Certificate of Achievement
  • 24/7 Access On Any Internet Ready Device
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Add Your Logo
  • Custom Welcome Page
  • Unlimited Chauffeurs
  • Weekly Refresher Training
  • 8x10 Certificate of Achievement
  • 24/7 Access On Any Internet Ready Device
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Add Your Logo
  • Custom Welcome Page
  • Customize Your Training
  • Time-Stamped Memo Verification

PAX is the ultimate training solution for our chauffeurs at Mosaic. Do yourself AND your chauffeurs a favor. GET ON PAX!

Maurice H. Brewster,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Mosaic Global Transportation | San Francisco Bay Area, CA

PAX Training gave us immediate improvement in team work, work ethic and customer service. Our chauffeurs enjoy it and we are more than happy with the results.

Robert Rodríguez,
President/CEO | First Class Destination Solutions | Puerto Rico

PAX has been a game changer for us! It has been essential to getting all of our chauffeurs on the same page saving us time and money.

Todd Davis,
Fleet Manager | Premier Transportation | Dallas, Texas

Coming out of the military training is very very important. PAX Training provided us the training to be luxury providers instead of just drivers...

Marlon & Tiffany Morman,
Co-Founders | MARTI Transportation | Atlanta, Georgia

We have been using PAX for a couple years now and we think it's a great program because it is a comprehensive program. You get great chauffeur training!

Matthew Strack,
CEO | Strack Premier Transportation | Los Angeles, California

For us PAX Training has just been instrumental in helping us with making our training for our chauffeurs consistent, repeatable and reliable. It gives us the confidence that no matter how much turn over we have, no matter how many new people we add to the team, we are able to make sure everyone is up to par.

Jorge Sanchez,
Co-Founder |Hermes Worldwide | Denver, Colorado

With more than 300 drivers, we must have continuity. Training has to be uniform. Everyone has to get the same message. We depend on PAX to standardize what every employee sees.

Barry Gross,
Director of Business Development | The Driver Provider | Phoenix, AZ

Brand With Your Logo

Branding isn’t just about customers. It is just as important to brand your business to your employees. This lets them know that they are representing a professional top notch company. With our branding feature you will be able to upload your logo to the PAX Training System.

Custom Welcome Page

A lot can be said about a first impression. That is why we allow you to customize the welcome page chauffeurs see when they login to the PAX Training System. This means you can make sure the first image and message they see are a true representation of your company and what you stand for.

PAX Training System

The Pax training system is the first fully interactive online chauffeur training platform. It allows you to Train, Test and Certify your chauffeurs from any internet ready device.

Real-time Reporting

The days of timing and grading tests are a thing of the past. With our real-time reports you can see everything from a quick overview all the way down to the time each chauffeur spends on a course.

Unlimited Chauffeur Certifications

On boarding is tough and it is important to make sure that everyone in your organization is PAX Certified that is why we give you unlimited PAX Chauffeur Certifications. That means that no matter how many users you have in the PAX Training System you can certify them all.

On-Going Weekly Training

As time goes by thing tend to fade. The further away from a training you are the less you are likely to retain. To ensure that chauffeurs stay sharp and retain their training we provide the weekly PAX Key’s to Success Ongoing training course. This 1 page course and 3 question exam keeps chauffeurs sharp.


With the intuitive and easy to use Create-A-Course feature you will be able to create your own unique training course. You can use your courses to cover training topics, create company memos, safety reviews, and more. The ways you can use create a course are endless.

We Import Your Existing Training

Want to train with PAX, but don’t want the hassle of the transition no problem. Let the PAX Team importing your existing training into the PAX Training System for you. The PAX Team with take your existing training materials and convert them into training courses for you.

Custom PRO

Custom PRO takes all the best features of PAX Custom and gives you a completely turn key solution! When you invest in Custom PRO our award winning director will come to you to help you put the spotlight on your training and company. Along with a complete film crew and equipment it’s sure to make your company shine!

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