WhatIsPaxHow It Works

PAX is the industry’s first and only, fully Customizable, Interactive Chauffeur Training ProgramPAX in Latin means Peace. Easily Train, Test and Certify your chauffeurs with best practices in just a few clicks. Created for all learning styles using a mix of video, audio, text and images, helps chauffeurs learn, retain and apply the information. Accessible on any internet ready device, chauffeurs train at their own pace, anywhere at anytime, even between trips or waiting for passengers.

MoneyCalcReturn On Investment

With PAX it’s all about saving your time, money and effort. On-boarding a new chauffeur isn’t cheap. How many times have you put time, money and effort into training a chauffeur just to have them quit soon there after? Did you see a negative impact in the rest of your team? What if you could have given them a pre-employment screening that would have helped you determine if they would be a good fit before you hired them? With the PAX Training System you can create an account for the potential new hire assign them the courses you want them to take then monitor and review the results before hiring. This allows you to ensure prospective chauffeurs are up to the task of becoming a quality service professional. In addition, it allows you to give the prospective hire a better understanding of a chauffeur’s roles and responsibilities before you invest more time and energy into on-boarding them. Having potential hires start in the PAX Training system rather than in the classroom means that you or your trainer will be spending more time developing the chauffeurs. This helps you reduce the cost of training and improves chauffeur retention by setting your chauffeurs up for success.

Gold_Silver_CloudCloud Based

The PAX Training System is cloud based software. That means you will never have to install, update or download it. It also means you access it from any internet ready device anywhere in the world at any time. Every time you administer a training or certification course in the PAX Training System you will be using the most recent and up to date version of the course.

testingReal-Time Testing & Monitoring

Most training courses require you to print and administer tests. This means you have to copy, administer and then grade the tests. This cost you time and money. With the PAX Training System your chauffeurs will work at their own pace and then be tested on each part of the training. The system will automatically grade their test and keep track of how much time they are spending on each part of their courses. This means that you not only know if they completed the materials, but you know how much of the material that chauffeur retained as well as how long it took them to go through the information.

YourLogoHereCustom Branding

When most people think of branding the first thing that comes to mind is customers, but branding your company to your employees is just as vital to success. The first impression an employee has when they join a company will stay with them for the duration of their employment. Employees want to know that they are working in a professional environment. That is why the PAX Training System has features that allow you to brand it with your logo and create a customized welcome page users will see when they login. This allows you to create a lasting first impression with your team and let them know they are working with a true professionals.

keys_to_successOngoing Training

Unlike most training programs that end as soon as a chauffeur completes the course the PAX Training program includes ongoing training. Each week your chauffeurs will be assigned PAX Training’s KEYS TO SUCCESS. Each KEYS TO SUCCESS mini-course  is designed to give the chauffeurs a a new weekly focus point to work on. It will present them with quick, easy understand information and be followed by a quick 3 question quiz. This keeps your chauffeurs sharp, focused and setup for SUCCESS!



When your chauffeurs complete the PAX Training program they won’t just be a trained chauffeur they will emerge a PAX Certified Chauffeur. This means that they will be ready to provide the GOLD standard in chauffeur services. They will also have access to view or print there certificate showing their achievement. They will have also earned the honor of being able to wear the PAX certified pin letting their passengers know that they provided unparalleled customer service.

pax-pyramidThe Pyramid of Success

The PAX training course is based on six key modules that chauffeurs must work through. Each module is introduced to the chauffeur with a brief video introduction explaining what they will be learning. Once they have watched the introduction video they will work though a combination of audio, imagery, and other elements. At the end of each module they will be tested on what they learned. Test questions and answers will be randomized this ensures that chauffeurs are learning the material and not memorizing the test. Once they have worked through the entire course they will take a final exam.

Create Your Own Training

Your Own Courses

The courses you create can be as simple or as complex as needed. Longer courses can even be broken down into chapter like parts called modules. These modules allow you to break down your courses into smaller parts making them easier to understand and work through. You will also have the ability to create your own tests. You can administer tests at the end of each module, the end of a course, both, or not at all. This flexibility allows you full control over the way your course looks and feels. By administering training through the PAX system you or your trainer will be able to spend less time in the classroom and more time working with your individual chauffeurs.

shutterstock_88492132-compressedMore Than Just Training

When you purchase a PAX Training System package the includes the Create-A-Course feature you get more than just a custom training course builder. Need to create a company safety memo? No problem create a single page course with an I agree button rather than a test and assign it to the employees who you want to see it. When the course is assigned an email notification letting everyone assigned the course know you would like them to take it will go out. When you create the new course you will then have accessy to view reports showing who viewed what you sent out and if they read through the information. You can even setup your own categories for example company memos, safety alerts, or any other category you might like to setup.


Course Importing

Large or small most companies have courses that they have created to train their employees. When you select a PAX Training System package that includes Course Importing our team will help you move your existing training into the PAX Training System. This means you will be able to continue using your existing training and take full advantage of all the great benefits of the PAX Training System. Once you have sent over your existing training the PAX team will get to work and then let you know once your courses are ready. While the PAX team is importing your existing training you will be able to use PAX Certifications Courses and begin to work in the system.


GOLD Premier Course Creation

When you invest in GOLD Premier we take care of all your training course needs. It is the fastest and easiest way to get best in class training for your your organization. Once the PAX Team and PAX Production Crew have worked with you to determine what you specific training needs are. Our team will begin documenting what a day in the life of one of your company’s chauffeurs. The PAX Production Crew will take high resolution photos and videos on site to help bring your training to life. We will then put together your ideal training program. This ensures you have the best in class training for your organization.