Motor Coach | Pre & Post Trip Inspections

Safety starts before drivers reach the road with a proper pre trip and post trip inspection. In this course drivers will learn what is needed to perform a pre and post trip inspection as well as the areas they should be looking at. They will also learn the steps to an effective inspection including, Reviewing Past Reports, Exterior Inspection, Interior Passenger Area Inspection, Interior Driver Area Inspection, Engine Start and Running Engine Inspection and Brakes and Running Tests.

Motor Coach | Safety

Safety is key to way any Motor Coach Driver operates their vehicle. Understand how to safety navigate tight turns, rail crossing, intersection and roundabout is not only vital to the safety of the Driver and their Coach, but also the comfort of their passengers. In this course drivers will learn how these common situations are different behind the wheel of a Motor Coach and what they can do to always keep safety top of mind.

360° Driving™

The 360° Driving™ is an exclusive course created for Motor Coach Drivers that helps them to understand the importance of being aware of what is going on around their vehicle at all time. It starts with the front of the vehicle and teaches them to be aware of everything taking place around them.

Knowing Your Motor Coach
Coming Soon

Knowing and understanding both capabilities and systems onboard a Motor Coach are key to not only safe but smooth and comfortable operation. In this course Motor Coach Drivers will learn about important onboard safety, driving and other systems available to them.

Motor Coach | Customer Service
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When working with large groups service is key. Drivers must be able to effectively manage both their coach and large groups while still making sure their passengers feel that they are safe and well taken care of. In this course Drivers will learn not only the important role the way they dress, speak and act plays, but how to ensure that their passengers feel they are being provided with excellent customer service.

Busing on the Lookout
Human Trafficking

In support of the fight against human trafficking this course provides access to the Busing on the Lookout (BOTL) driver training video. BOTL exists to educate and equip all members of the busing industry with the information necessary to enable them to fight human trafficking as part of their everyday jobs.

The material in this course is  provided courtesy of BOTL. Regardless of your PAX Membership status you can access the training video via their website. We highly encourage all Drivers, Trainers and Operators to visit them at, or to reach out to them directly at to learn more about what you can do to fight human trafficking. You can also become BOTL certified, take the course if you are not a PAX Member, or request materials for your company via their website.

Busing On The Lookout Logo

Motor Coach | ADA Procedures
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Understand how to help passengers with special needs is not only important, but required by law. In this course drivers will learn about using ADA Lifts on vehicles equipped with them. They will also learn about service animals and priority seating available at the front of their vehicle.

American With Disabilities Act

Motor Coach | Lavatory Procedures
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Although it can be taken for granted a clean and clean bathroom with adequate supplies is an important part of long haul trip. In this course Drivers will learn how to fill, rinse and service the onboard lavatory of their vehicle to ensure it is clean and ready when nature calls their passengers.

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