Master Class

Advanced training for experienced drivers


When it comes to safety even the most experience driver can slip up or fall into bad habits. The Master Class on Safety is designed to re-enforce good safety habits and provide experience drivers with additional techniques to ensure they are driving safely and implementing good safety behaviors.

Master Class - Safety

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service you can never learn enough and even the smallest touches go a long way. The Master Class on Customer Services helps give a deeper understand of what service is and how to turn into your passenger or customer. This course is designed to help hone intuition and to provide a clear actionable things that can be done to further improve the service experience.

Master Class - Customer Service

The Chauffeur

The way a chauffeur dresses, talks and presents themselves is a key element of the service they provide. This Master Class on The Chauffeur takes an advanced approach to what a chauffeur is and does. It goes into detail on what it means to carry one self as a chauffeur and what that means in terms of how they dress and behave.

Master Class - The Chauffeur
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