How Does PAX Work?

In 3 easy Steps…

Add Users

Step 1: Add your users to the PAX Training System by entering their name and email in our simple and easy to use admin section. PAX will even allow you to create groups that makes organizing your users quick and easy.

Assign Courses

Step 2: Assign your users the training courses you would like them to take. The system will automatically send the user an email letting them know they have been assigned a new course.

Check Results

Step 3: View your reports to see how your users did. The system will show you how long they spent on each course and all their test scores. It will also keep a detailed record of this information.

Pax Training – The slick combination of technology, customized training, and experiential chauffeur do’s and don’ts. Premier counts on PAX! You should too!

Eric Devlin,

President | Premier Transportation | Dallas, Texas

PAX Training gave us immediate improvement in team work, work ethic and customer service. Our chauffeurs enjoy it and we are more than happy with the results.

Robert Rodríguez,

President/CEO | First Class Destination Solutions | Carolina, Puerto Rico

Jorge Sanchez
For us PAX Training has just been instrumental in helping us with making our training for our chauffeurs consistent, repeatable and reliable. It gives us the confidence that no matter how much turn over we have, no matter how many new people we add to the team, we are able to make sure everyone is up to par.

Jorge Sanchez,

Co-Founder | Hermes Worldwide | Denver, Colorado

Shawn Abaspor
PAX Chauffeur Training is a comprehensive and essential course that our chauffeurs must pass successfully before they are approved to join our Team of Professional Chauffeurs

Shawn Abaspor,

President & CEO | Vitesse Worldwide | Stamford, Connecticut

Why do I love PAX Training?

  1. I have a customizable, on demand training system that grows with my diversified business.
  2. Regular re-occurring training is easier than ever now.
  3. The PAX team provides amazing customer service.

Charlie Grimm,

CEO | BAC Transportation | Anchorage, Alaska

Building a Solid Foundation

PAX helps you build a solid foundation of Safety and Service in all vehicles and then digs deep into what makes each kind of driver their best. Build your drivers foundation with these Core service and safety courses:

Driving Safety

The PAX Driving Safety Course re-enforces safe driving behavior and teach drivers about being P.A.I.D., Professional Active Intentional Drivers. P.A.I.D. was designed to help make safe driving habits easy to remember and apply. It also helps drivers understand that they must know the road ahead of them and be ready for anything including emergency situations. Drivers will also learn about the 4A’s of defensive driving and 3P of professional driving.

Knowing Your Vehicle

Knowing the capabilities and features of your vehicle is crucial not only to safely operating it, but the comfort of passengers. In this course Drivers will leaner about crucial safety technologies like ABS, Traction Control and Stability control. They will also learn about important warning lights and other messages their vehicles may provide. It will also help to make sure they are prepared for unexpected emergency situations like tire blows, vehicle fires and sever weather.

Customer Service

Regardless of the type of passenger Customer Service is a core part of any service based business. In the PAX Customer Service Course Drivers will what Customer Service is and isn’t. This course will also help them to understand how what they say, do and how they behave will impact the service they give their passengers. They will also learn about important concepts like ensuring they keep the 5 senses of their passengers in mind while operating their vehicle and learn about important cues like body language as well as how customers are responding.

Diesel Vehicles

Although the basics of driving a diesel vehicle are the same as a gasoline vehicle there are some important differences drivers must be aware of and ready for. In the PAX Diesel Vehicles Course drivers will learn about important differences that are unique to diesel vehicles like Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Regeneration systems. They will also learn about the messages and icons that vehicles use to communicate with them about these systems. Another important tool drivers will have upon completing this course is knowledge on how to do a fuel double check to ensure gasoline is NEVER filled into a diesel vehicles tank.

Hours of Service
Coming Soon

Depending on the type of driving and vehicle driver may be subject to the Hours of Service rule. In this course drivers will learn what vehicles do and do not meet this requirement as well as what they need to do in order to stay within their allowed hours. They will also learn about important systems that help track their hours like ELDs. Driver will also lean about fatigue and making sure they stay within their personal limits to ensure the safety of both themselves and their passengers.


100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our training program is the absolute best in the industry, we guarantee it 100% for 30 days. That’s a full month to get to use and know PAX. If you aren’t convinced it is the best training program you have ever used we will refund you 100%. It really is that simple. Try PAX and use it risk free for a full 30 days.


How long does it take a to complete the training courses?
This will vary depending on what you assign. On average a course should take a bout 30-40 minutes depending on the length of the course. The on going weekly training should take them less than 10 minutes per week.

What happens if my users doesn’t pass the tests?
Users may retake most tests as many times as they need to achieve a passing score. To ensure they have a full understanding of the course, questions on the quizzes and final exam are randomized so that even retaken exams are unique.

How long do users have to complete the weekly training?
There is no set completion date or time for weekly training. We recommend that your chauffeurs complete it their first day back to work after it has been assigned.

When are weekly Trainings made available?
Weekly training is made available every Monday before noon CST.

What devices are needed to use PAX?
You can use any device with an internet connection. Chauffeur can easily access PAX in between trips using a smart phone or tablet.

Can I upgrade my PAX membership?
Yes! You can upgrade your PAX membership at anytime by phone or email.

How long does it take to get access to PAX so I can get started?
You will be able to login to your account immediately, however it can take up to 24 hours to activate all the features of your membership.

When will I be charged for my monthly chauffeur fees?
Your card will be charged within the first 3 business days of each month based on the number of active chauffeurs during the previous month.

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