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PAX_ProductionsOn Site Video Production

Truly professional training has to have truly professional video. When you go with the GOLD Premier package the PAX Production crew will spend 2 days on site with you shooting high quality video. They will document a day in the of YOUR chauffeur and help you create high quality training that will set you apart from the competition. You will also have the opportunity to have the PAX Productions crew help you put together various other types of video you can use. Check out our additional services below for more information.

Cloud_plusLet Us Create Your Courses For You

When you invest in GOLD PREMIER we take care of all your course needs. It is the easiest and fastest way to give your organization professional grade training. Once we have worked with you to determine what you specific needs are we will setup for the PAX Production Crew to begin documenting a day in the life of your chauffeurs. We will then work with you to determine what you ideal training program looks like. Once we have prepared everything for you you just let the PAX Team do all the work. We will put together top notch training for your organization.