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PAX is the ultimate training solution for our chauffeurs at Mosaic. Do yourself AND your chauffeurs a favor. GET ON PAX!

Maurice H. Brewster,

Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Mosaic Global Transportation | San Francisco Bay Area, California

Pax Training – The slick combination of technology, customized training, and experiential chauffeur do’s and don’ts. Premier counts on PAX! You should too!

Eric Devlin,

President | Premier Transportation | Dallas, Texas

Jorge Sanchez
For us PAX Training has just been instrumental in helping us with making our training for our chauffeurs consistent, repeatable and reliable. It gives us the confidence that no matter how much turn over we have, no matter how many new people we add to the team, we are able to make sure everyone is up to par.

Jorge Sanchez,

Co-Founder | Hermes Worldwide | Denver, Colorado

We have been using PAX for a couple years now and we think it's a great program because it is a comprehensive program. You get great chauffeur training!

Matthew Strack,

CEO | Strack Premier Transportatio | Los Angeles, California

With more than 300 drivers, we must have continuity. Training has to be uniform. Everyone has to get the same message. We depend on PAX to standardize what every employee sees.

Barry Gross,

Director of Business Development | The Driver Provider | Phoenix, Arizona

PAX Training gave us immediate improvement in team work, work ethic and customer service. Our chauffeurs enjoy it and we are more than happy with the results.

Robert Rodríguez,

President/CEO | First Class Destination Solutions | Carolina, Puerto Rico




Morale & confidence

Ownership mentality

Customer satisfaction

Client retention

Profitability & efficiency


Training time & expense

Customer complaints

Owner’s risk & liability

Apathy & excuses

Chauffeur turnover

Accidents, incidents & errors